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About Susani

Susani is a natural health therapist, deeply connecting heart and nature. Her curiosity for science, people and life has led her along may paths. Susani tailors the different modalities for her client's needs to bring about life changing realities. If you'd ask her:"Are you a healer?" her answer would be:"Only you can heal yourself, not anybody else, I facilitate healing for others.
Susani has been involved in healing her adult life. She is very much connected to her own spirituality, thus paying special attention to yours.
Truly it is your birthright to be happy and reach others happy.

As a mother of 3 now nearly grown up boys and a wife to her beloved husband Frank, she was always in hot demand for the healing touch. A feeling for the spiritual part of life existed since childhood. Religion was explored from different angles and beliefs. Astonishing similarities were found and a lot of questions were asked where religion met the power game.

However, that annoyed her but she moved on. A single but very important accident showed her the direction.

In 1993 three discs slipped out of her spine. A choice of surgery or alternative treatment. The choice was easy. Surgery should be her very last option! The choice of natural therapies proved correct when her body healed without surgery.

This experience encouraged her to take on more study. Since then she has been trained in a number of natural healing modalities including Energy Healing [EH], Magentic Healing [MH] and Bowen Therapy [Bowtech], Quntum Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing [NLP], Re-Emergence Therapy™ [RET] and  Meta Medicine including CT reading course.

Personal Statement

For me, life is a process in which learning and enjoying oneself plays a huge part.

Health is my passion! With a special interest in ‘medicine free’ treatments and I’m constantly encouraged by the beneficial results I see in my clients.
Yours Sincerely