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Energy Healing

Formal definition of Energy Healing

It is a holistic approach to assist every one of us in their return journey to good health.

Are there other possible definitions of energy healing? Of course. It depends on the school of thought about how the energy transfer within the human body is viewed and described.

However, generally speaking, it is acknowledged that energy therapy encourages the body to draw upon its natural healing ability by opening up the flow of energy, clearing emotional blockages and detoxifying itself.

The aura or auric field is an electromagnetic vibration, that directly relates to the pysical, emotional, mental, and spritual aspects of all living beings. This energy field surrounds the body and is seen as liquid light, which moves and pulses. There are seven different aura layers we are working with.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the practice of balancing the energy field that surrounds the human body. Called “chi,” or an “aura” or simply, “the energy field,” this energy is referenced in many cultural traditions and is central to several alternativehealing techniques. It is often divided in chakras — each one corresponding to a person’s mental, emotional, and physical self.
Energy healing is via thought/intention sending from one mind to another mind or minds and is often practiced using the flow of energy through the hands.

Can Energy healing assist you?

The flow of the energy around the outer body from and to the cells creates the electromagnetic field which we call Aura. Then there are energy centres called chakras. Chakra translates into English as wheel or better spinning wheel. The chakras are responsible for the energy distribution in ans around your body. If there are any blockages in the chakras the ideal energy flow is disrupted. The disturbance can create, if it is not dealt with, a desease or illness in the pysical body.
hand over waterMany diseases seem to start in the energy field before manifesting itself in the pysical body. We are actually able now to detect these imbalances by scientific instruments. This energy aspect enables the healer to pick up imbalances or disruptions before they enter the pysical body.

How can Energy healing assist you?

An Energy healing is tailored to your needs. A treatment will be from 60 to 90 mins, it will relax you, maybe you even fall asleep. During the session you will be on a massage table relaxing music is played so you have the greatest benefit, relaxing let go and trust.
Susani does Aura Cleansing and Cakra Balancing, cleansing of the human energy field, as well as etheric surgery.  Susani does distance healing on a regular base.

You can experience this yourself! Simply contact Susani for an appointment.
You can find out more about Energy Healing at National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Aura Colours and their meaning

Red Passion, Vitality Orange Power, Creativity
Yellow Sunny, Optimistic Green Healing, Goals
Blue Peaceful, Teaching Purple Spirituality, Intuitive
Silver Imagination, Insight Gold Leadership, Positivity
Pink Loving, Nurturing White Higher Consciousness