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Formal definition of Meta Medicine,

META-Medicine® is an exciting and new diagnostic tool which reveals the “biological reason” for every illness, symptom, dis-ease, ache, pain or allergy within your body. We have amazing results in identifying specific biological stressors which cause a host of acute and chronic conditions. Everything your body experiences can be explained using the META-Medicine® model.

META-Medicine® promotes the inclusion and integration of a host of complimentary, alternative and conventional methods to assist you to heal at root cause. Healing is holistic and will incorporate therapies for mind, body, spirit, social and environment.

Meta: Comes from Greek and means above or beyond. A Meta position is a position outside a situation, where one can reflect over it and get perspective.
Biologic: Nature laws of health. No theories or assumptions are needed.
Holistic: Includes traditional medicine, complementary medicine and alternative medicine It is important to get that Meta-Medicine isn’t a new therapy. It is a diagnostic tool that gives an understanding of the disease process. That understanding makes it easier to use the treatments which work with the natural process and recreate health.

What is Meta medicine?

Meta-Medicine will explain:

  • The underlying cause of all diseases
  • The two phases of a disease process
  • How each symptom in affected organs relates to a specific conflict and specific part of the brain
  • Micro organisms as biological helpers
  • Disease as a intelligent and meaningful process
  • How this model can support a person during any disease process to create bio-psycho-social health

According to META-Medicine®, there is not only a mind body connection but actually a very precise organ-mind-brain-social connection. Each area of our brain corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.

Can Meta medicine assist you?ab

Meta medicine finds out why we are in disease mode. With finding the reason or reasons of the disease we can act on different levels. We divide illness in different phases. Meta medicine encourages clients to get a medical diagnosis, from there have as much information as possible to draw the right conclusion.
Meta medicine is a holistic modality as well as source orientated (why am i sick) and  symptoms orientated.

How can Meta medicine assist?

In a meta medicine session we use the symptoms to find the connection to the reason or better the source of the disease. When we are out of balance we are uneasy, we are in disease mode, disease is a technique of the body to communicate,"Something is wrong!" Working with the symptoms and the knowledge of the body mind connections together with the knowledge of embryology, through questions and answers, EFT, NLP we find the source and a timeline of the disease.
Then a therapy plan, which addresses the physical, mental, emotional, environmental and social level will be tailored to your needs.
Meta medicine session are between 90 and 120mins sometimes split in 2 sessions.

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