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What is Life all about

It is time, - time to tell you what this - this life is all about.

First I share with you how I got my answers. Over time the answers came, yes, and very special moments they were.

One of them is:
In 2007 - after an unhealthy period of time -I was admitted to the hospital, where an emergency surgery was performed. After the surgery I floated over to the other side, - I died - then modern medicine brought me back.

Caroline Myss calls moments like this - mystic, having a glance through the narrow gate.
Theresa of Avila [Mystic of the 16th century} says:"If you spent only a brief moment (earth moment) of time on the other side, nothing will be the same, anymore."     


Life is beautiful.

We humans are so much more than we think we are. We are resourceful, we are connected, we are smart, we have this incredible love in us.

It is time. 
Many of us have lost touch with themselves. We lost trust, trusting ourselves and others. We lost the ability to love ourselves and others and to be loved.

It is time to wake up, acknowledge ourself, for who we really are and what we are capable of doing and being.

Invite love, laughter, strength, trust and true knowledge back into our life.

And please - take every opportunity to love, laugh and hug. Believe me it is time, and it is so beautiful.

Talking about healing - yes - everything is possible. Remember we have free will.

Yes, there are things we cannot explain and to be perfectly honest with you, just because we cannot prove something,  does not mean it is not true or cannot happen.

Just because the scientific world agrees on something does not mean anything.

Remember, the same people once said the earth is flat!

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