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The Yellow Room

A death/return to life - experience/choice - Part 1

Last year I experienced something that lay outside of my awareness, at that time. I was shown the process of death and given the opportunity to share this with you. 

What happens when we die?

Last year, unexpectedly, I died. As the theatre surgeons worked on my body, I was somewhere else. For a brief moment I was invited to visit the yellow room. In the yellow room there are no walls. Just light. The feeling is light and infinite. I could see myself as a light being. As there are no walls I could not see an end to my being, just rays of light stretching out into infinity. Two energy beings received me. Their purpose was to show me the love in my heart. With their help and guidance I could see and remember situations with my family and friends and sometimes with random acquaintances. I was revisiting incidents of great love, harmony and happiness. I could feel the love in my heart. The love was fed by those times. Some of these incidents seemed very minor, at the time, but in fact they were momentous in terms of the love measured in those moments. 

How did we communicate?

All communications were interpreted via feelings. There were no words. There was no body language. I never felt uncomfortable. There were no questions of whether I could have done better. There was no judgement. Only different levels of love being expressed within my heart. They were there to show me that. I was only aware of the beauty of my own unconditional love. It felt like home. It was not over the top, just very comfortable and reassuring. The possibility arose, I am not even sure how, for me to return to the body with a new task. One might say, that this is a small part of what I returned for, to tell this story.