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The Yellow Room II

The Process of Dying - Part 2

What was occurring in my physical body?

2007, when I died, my body followed a process of release. There was an unconscious withdrawal from my physical body, that began with the dislocation of my chakras.

What happens when we die?

It was if each chakra was being clicked out of my physical body, one by one. This began at my crown chakra, followed by my third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra. It felt as though everything detached and the energy gathered around the seat of my soul (in the area of my navel). Momentarily the energy built to a point of necessary release. Every single release from a chakra was uncomfortable. I can only liken it to a ‘falling’ dream. I had no conscious control over this process, although I did have awareness of a much deeper, higher urge within myself that I would surrender and release and follow my energy body. My energy body eventually dissipated down through my feet. Excess energy was dissolved, at this point. I no longer needed it.

I found myself in the yellow room. A room full of light and love. My energy beings were waiting for me. I immediately recognised these two beings.

How did we communicate?

Love was communicated. They were holding my hands and through this connection they showed me how to express myself. Somehow, I had the choice to take my awareness to different dimensions or to return to my earthly body with a new task. We communicated only with love.

This total experience was a brief moment of rest and communion with my beings and my entire energy body, which is much bigger that we realise. They gave me the opportunity to experience myself fully, as the energy being that I am, as a small part of the One. It is not possible to put into words the scale of this experience. It felt so infinite and so beautiful that it lies beyond words and beyond comprehension.